Why Writing Quality Is Always More Important Than Quantity

Which would you rather have – one hayfever tablet which instantly cures you of all symptoms, or ten hayfever tablets which may get rid of one or two symptoms?

The answer is obvious and it is the same principle which may be applied to content writing on the internet.

By focusing on the quality of the article, you are investing more in helping that particular website rise in the search rankings. Propagating a myriad of low-content pages about the same subject is nowhere near as effective in achieving the same result. Please allow me to explain why.

  • Perceived low-quality pages equal low rankings: Google ranks pages by how useful and interesting the content they offer is to customers. Above all, a website must be seen to be giving customers a positive experience. If you have a number of pages with numerous keyword references designed to generate traffic, Google will pick up on your overuse of the same keywords and will judge your site to not be providing adequate relevant information to users. Hence, your ratings will decrease.
  • Quality secures custom: Customers lead busy lives. They do not have time to trawl through many articles or pages related to a keyword. A consumer is far more likely to endorse your product or simply find out more about the services you offer if you have high quality content on your site. One good article is of far more use to a visitor than several articles which do not tell them anything of value.
  • Time spent writing quality content is better invested:  Having quality content increases the opportunities for links to be made, either from your page to other sites, or better yet from other pages to your website. The higher the amount of links your page has, the more prominent it will be to Google crawlers. The more visible your site is to Google, the more likely it is that it will rank higher in search engine results. A larger quantity of lower-quality articles will not generate anywhere near as many links as quality articles will.

In order to generate high website rankings, invest your time in writing interesting content which will educate and inform your reader. Do not attempt to manipulate algorithms by creating many pages containing similar information. This will in fact have a detrimental effect on your page ratings.

As well as driving traffic to your website, providing good quality material will help to ensure website optimisation. Provide your consumers with the timely and thought-provoking information they are looking for and they will hopefully pay you back in kind by signing up to your business.

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