What Really Makes Your Web Content Stand Out?

When it comes to running a website, you can have the best prices, products or offerings online, but unless your content is supporting you and your site has a wealth of excellent, informative and quality resources, you are going to struggle to get not only the rankings you want, but also the conversions from the visitors that do land.

Content is such a massive optimisation factor these days, arguably above anything else, so making sure that you have enough quality content on the site has to be high on your priority list. Rather than finding excuses or reasons why you don’t have time to sit down and plan, research and then produce your content, you should embrace the fact that you simply must make sure your site has enough structure and content to engage both the visitors and the search engines.

Below, we look at the four biggest factors you should take into account when writing content for your site.

Quality – Quality is the biggest factor you have to consider when it comes to writing and publicising new content on your website, because it is quality content that will be rewarded, rather than just chucking tons of content on your site, you should be focusing on just a small selection of decent articles. It is better to spend one day writing one brilliant article or blog post than churning out one poor quality piece of content every hour of that day, so always plan, research, focus and write quality, as this will always reap the right rewards.

Uniqueness – Since the Panda Google update came into play, all of your content must be unique to your site and it must not appear anywhere else on the Internet. Your rankings will be affected if your content is not 100% unique, which means that every article you publish and every blog post you put live you should look at running through something like CopyScape. You should even make sure that you don’t use the same content on multiple pages of your own site, as this can also cause issues, which means writing fresh and new content for every page of your site is crucial.

Relevancy – Your content has to be relevant to your site. For example, if you are selling office furniture and yet your content is related to everything but office furniture, not only are you going to struggle to get the rankings you require, but any visitor that does stumble across your site is going to be confused and will probably bounce right off. The content on your site has to be related to what you are doing, else the irrelevancy is just going to lead to low rankings and poor conversions – guaranteed!

Engagement – Although this is of course from a users point of view, if your content is really engaging and your visitors enjoy reading it or find it interesting, then the chances are they are going to use social signals to tell the rest of the world how good it is. For example, the chances of getting a really interesting article re-tweeted, liked and shared will be high if enough people think it’s good and worthy of this. Once something goes viral, you should see a massive increase in traffic, which can attract a whole new following – not bad for just one quality article or blog post!

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