Top Five Things You Need To Do Before Your Content Goes Live

With the pressure always on to get content live on your website or as part of your SEO campaign, it can be tempting just to quickly knock something up and publish it without checking the final quality. Content is only ever going to work for you and your website if it is of a high standard, because with so much content floating around on the WWW, yours has to be first class to really make a difference.

Below, we take a look at our top five tips when it comes to making sure that your content is ready to go live.

Tip One – Once you have your article on your pc and you think it is all ok, the first thing you have to do is check that it is fully clear of spelling and grammar issues. When publishing content online (or indeed anywhere), you have to remember that the quality of this content reflects on you and your business, so if it is full of typos and poor grammar, people are going to think that this is a sign that your business is poorly operated.

Tip Two – Once you are happy that every word is spelt correctly and that the grammar is of high quality, you then need to read through the content to make sure it reads well. Just because you do not have any spelling errors does not mean that the content reads well, as this is something that you really need to sit back and read a couple of times as if you were a visitor reading your article or content.

Tip Three – Make sure that your content achieves the goal that you wanted to before writing your content or article. By this, we mean that when you write something, you are writing it for a reason, so it is important to make sure that when you have completed your content that you are happy that you have achieved the goal and your content delivers everything you need it to.

Tip Four – One final quality check is required before your content goes live and this is where you need to call in some favours from colleagues, friends or family to make sure that your article is strong enough and free of issues. You can read your own content over and over again and still miss things, but a group of people also checking your writing will most definitely find any issues if there are any.

Tip Five – This tip is for when you have published your content onto your website and is often something that many people fail to do, and that is ….. check it looks ok! The amount of time people just publish a blog and then never check it looks ok once on the website, because whenever you publish something from your computer to your website, you really do have to check that it all looks correct in terms of formatting.


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