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How To Research And Write A Cracking Article

To ensure good content and in order to drive traffic to your website, writing interesting and readable articles is essential. SEO is no longer primarily a numbers game whereby keywords or meta-tags equal hits. The advent of Google Panda and various other search algorithms has seen the focus shift from quantity to quality in terms of article writing. As such, it is imperative that copywriters get it right. Continue reading “How To Research And Write A Cracking Article” »

Simple Tips For Choosing A Reputable Content Writing Provider

Creating content is an integral part of developing a strong presence on the internet, particularly for those running online businesses. Although many initially assume that this is a simple task which doesn’t require too much effort, most business owners new to the online world quickly realise how time-consuming content creation can be. Effective content writing, which will get you the results you need – a high ranking website and a reputable online business – requires a good deal of research, as well as skills relating to search engine optimisation and internet marketing. Continue reading “Simple Tips For Choosing A Reputable Content Writing Provider” »

5 Top Tips When It Comes To Writing Good Content

Writing content is easy, writing great content is much harder because you need to make that you engage with your readers whilst at the same time offering something worth reading.  Content is the king when it comes to search engines, with Google desperate to see top notch content that is of sound quality and full of useful information. Continue reading “5 Top Tips When It Comes To Writing Good Content” »