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Duplicate Content Can Ruin Your Traffic

With Google’s algorithms getting slicker by the day, there is nowhere to hide for the so-called ‘scrapers’ who copy content for their own purposes. For most white-hat SEO citizens, it can be hard to keep abreast of all the requirements needed for good SEO practice. If nothing else, remember this – duplicate content can ruin your traffic and ultimately harm your business. We explain why here.

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Duplicate Content – The Worries, The Myths And Finally The Truth

There seems to be an ever increasing worry circulating around the internet amongst webmasters, clients and businesses, revolving around content and other people using it. The main worry seems to be that if someone else uses your content, you will end up in trouble with Google and be penalised for this. Continue reading “Duplicate Content – The Worries, The Myths And Finally The Truth” »