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How To Research And Write A Cracking Article

To ensure good content and in order to drive traffic to your website, writing interesting and readable articles is essential. SEO is no longer primarily a numbers game whereby keywords or meta-tags equal hits. The advent of Google Panda and various other search algorithms has seen the focus shift from quantity to quality in terms of article writing. As such, it is imperative that copywriters get it right. Continue reading “How To Research And Write A Cracking Article” »

Can Good Content Make Your Website More Successful?

If you are looking to improve your website’s performance, there are many steps you can take to do so. Analysing your website’s statistics, namely how many visitors you have, where they are coming from and how they behave upon reaching your site, can be invaluable in helping to increase your success rates. However, in light of the recent updates Google has made to its algorithms and the emphasis it now places on customer experience, the most useful action you can take is to ensure that the content you place on your site is of a good quality. Here we explain why this is the case.

Continue reading “Can Good Content Make Your Website More Successful?” »

How To Choose A Subject For Your Article Or Blog

Writing blogs and articles for many of us tends to be pretty easy at the start, with lots of things to jot down and publish. The majority of writers will at some stage struggle when it comes to thinking up new ideas and titles during periods of their writing career, so it’s important to try and think outside of the box when it comes to getting new titles for your work. Continue reading “How To Choose A Subject For Your Article Or Blog” »