Article Submission

We are able to take your article and submit it to quality and leading article directories, creating you your own profile and making sure your articles are visible to thousands of people.

But, the main reason we do this is for Google to see the level of work and effort you put into your work and therefore you will get rewarded for having content with links pointing to your website, which will help with SERPs and visitors.

We are able to submit your article to around 30 of the leading article directories for just £40.

Among all the SEO techniques, article submission can be one of the most successful. Article submission generally refers to the writing of articles that are relevant to your online business and then getting them added to the popular article submission directories.

The main purpose behind article submission is to attract a large number of visitors (and links) to your website without incurring a great cost. Obviously, it is important to make sure that the articles you intend to submit are directly related or relevant to your business.

There are various benefits of article submission including advertising, marketing and publicity of your business on the World Wide Web.

Two of the main benefits are:

1. Article submissions can enhance and improve the ranking of your online business in search engines by increasing the quantity of backlinks and PR.

2. Another benefit that article submission offers is that of establishing the particular website owner as an expert in their industry. By providing valuable detail and information within articles, it builds the trust of potential customers thereby giving them a reason to visit your website.