Website Content

There has been a lot written on the subject of website content and what you should and shouldn’t do.

As SEO specialists and web designers we have a point of view on content although it can be split at times.

The content you put on your website is important in many ways:

1) You need to inform the user of what your website is all about without waffling on.
2) You need good content that would inform a search engine to exactly what your website is about.
3) Guide your user in the direction you require, whether that is to buy something or contact you.

Many people (and SEO companies) get too wrapped up in providing content for search engines. This means that you end up having content that is heavily keyworded and about 500 words long. Modern search engines such as Google are very savvy towards this type of content and understand that it has been written especially for them, this doesn’t mean that you will be penalised but they will not look upon it as being unique content written for users and this will lose you ranking value.

The other problem with writing specifically for search engines is that your users will not read it as it will generally be boring and incohesive. The whole point of a website is to attract users and get them regularly using your website and writing like this just defeats the object.

The other side of the coin presents websites that hardly write content at all. You do have to give your users information and the thought that users do not want to read text but look at pretty pictures instead is utter rubbish. Users want well written content that enlightens them, gets them engrossed and sometimes makes them smile, just like a newspaper would.

Good content is always a balance and it must be thought about as carefully as the design of your website. You need to inform the search engines of what your site is about and users too but please try and do it in your own style. People buy into people and if they like your content they will usually buy.

Writing web content and website pages is a skill and also very hard work, so let us do this for and really make your website content stand out from the rest.