How To Research And Write A Cracking Article

To ensure good content and in order to drive traffic to your website, writing interesting and readable articles is essential. SEO is no longer primarily a numbers game whereby keywords or meta-tags equal hits. The advent of Google Panda and various other search algorithms has seen the focus shift from quantity to quality in terms of article writing. As such, it is imperative that copywriters get it right.

In order to write a cracking article, there are several steps which you must take. First of all, establish what the aim of the article is. How are you going to make it a useful read for the reader? Will it teach the reader new things, or prompt them to make further enquiries about a subject? Will it drive traffic to your company’s website and encourage website conversion? Summarise the article in one sentence and make this the title.

When you have decided what the aim of the article is, invest some time in researching the article. Do so by using as many different sources as possible, in the time you have. Make notes on the topic, remembering to change the wording, as you are producing original copy and hence cannot use anything that has already been published.

Now that you have decided upon the aim and carried out the research, the time has come to write your article. For the purposes of SEO, it is essential to determine what keywords you will include in the content. Using the right keywords will help the article rank higher in the search engine ratings and hence drive more traffic to the page. Using hypertext links to link out to other pages is another way of enhancing the prominence of the article.

Once you have decided on what keywords or key phrases you are using, embed them in the title and text of the article in as natural a way as possible. The article needs to be well written and to flow when read by a person unfamiliar with the subject.

Be warned – too high a keyword density or overuse of hypertext links will cause Google’s algorithms to rank your website lower in the ratings, as Google will think you are not providing a good reader experience.

In conclusion, in order to write a good article you must decide on its purpose and research the subject thoroughly. Then write the article so that it flows as naturally as possible, whilst containing a useful number of keywords and hypertext links. By doing so, you will drive traffic to your site and ensure customers have a positive reading experience at the same time.

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