How To Plan The Perfect Article For Your Website

For some people, sitting down and writing content all day is something that is so natural that they never struggle to come up with new and engaging content that is going to really make a difference to their website. For others, the struggle to even think of a decent title is about as far as they get, let alone writing a 500 word article that their visitors are going to read, find interesting and then share to the online world.

Writing new and interesting content is not easy, even if you have a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding the subject matter, but there are things that you can do to make things a bit easier.

The first thing you need to really try to do is plan your article or even articles before you start actually writing them. By spending an afternoon or morning coming up with titles and brief outlines, you can then spend a couple of hours pulling a title from your research and then using this to come up with your masterpiece. Sometimes, trying to think of a title, research, plan and then write all in one go can be too much, which is where doing prep work for a few articles makes sense, as you can then starting writing them when you have the time to do so.

Although copying other writers is a definite no no, there is no harm in looking around and seeing what others are writing about, as this can help you come up with new titles and also see what is popular at the moment. Inspiration can come from others, you just need to put your own spin on the article to really make sure that there can be no accusations of plagiarism, which of course, defeats the whole objective of getting unique content on your site!

Try to put research time into your articles as well, as just having a good title might not necessarily lead to having a good article. A really engaging article will make readers want to learn from it and share it, which is where spending some time researching the subject and then writing about it can make a big difference. For example, if you have your title, try to research some statistics or quotes from others about the subject, as this can break up the article a bit and also make it look like you have really put the effort in.

Always try to write about what you know, as when you are writing about subjects that are close to your heart and mind, your readers will be able to see this straight away, rather than thinking you have spent 20 minutes reading around and have been paid to write stuff! It is always clear when you read something that has been written by an industry expert, you can clearly notice the difference almost immediately.

And finally, never write just for the sake of writing. If your heart is not in the subject and you are just writing to make up the word count, you will lose the visitor and also lose any hope of becoming an authority for your subject. If your article is not good, don’t publish it, as you could soon become well known for producing poor content, which is something every website owner needs to avoid.

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