Why Making Sure Your Online Content Is Unique Is Critical

In the last few years and particularly after the launch of Google Panda in April 2011, it has become more and more essential to ensure that the content of your website is unique. It seems that for web publishers, ranking highly on web pages has become a guessing game of how to please the omnipotent Panda. Much has been made of the complex steps Google takes to rank its pages.

Taking a step back from these methods, it is worth paying attention to what Google’s advice is to web publishers. Instead of worrying about exactly how algorithms rate pages, Google says publishers should focus on ensuring that web users have the best possible experience. Here, we explain why the best way to secure high rankings is to focus on the content of your web pages.

Unique content is crucial to ensuring a rewarding search experience for internet users. Google maintains that the websites listed after a search term is entered must be relevant to whatever the search query is. Google determines how relevant a particular website is by how useful and how unique its content is. Websites containing similar or duplicate content are not regarded as being relevant and hence will not rank highly as a result.

Asides from relevancy, unique content is essential for fulfilling the complex criteria which Google crawlers use to rank a page. Amongst other things, the spider will be looking to see how useful, trustworthy, user-friendly and likeable the website is. Having unique content on a page makes the page seem more reliable, interesting and useful for the user. This is because original content which adds depth to the website makes it more useful. Unique content which cannot be found elsewhere on the web makes a site trustworthy. Most importantly, unique content which reads well offers the user a positive reading experience.

Publishing unique content containing your most targeted and most important keywords will also help you to score highly in the ‘Freshness’ category which Google and other search engines use to rank web pages. In plain English, using a ‘Freshness’ criteria means that algorithms identify websites containing new, up-to-date content and rank them higher, as so many people now wish to access the latest news stories in real-time.

Overall, it is worth your time and effort to ensure that your website content is unique. Doing so will ensure a positive user experience and help your website to rank higher in Google’s search ratings. Regularly updating your website with new information will additionally flag your website as rating highly in the ‘Freshness’ category, which will again improve your rankings.

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