How Important Is Relevant And Structured Content For Your Site?

Some SEO specialists might still argue that content containing the right keywords is the secret to ranking highly in search results. However, including relevant keywords is not the only aspect of content writing which will lead to success.

The more you update your website with fresh, up-to-date articles, the more frequently spiders will look at your site. Google has a search criterion entitled ‘Freshness’. This means that Google algorithms are constantly crawling websites looking for relevant content. The more often crawlers return to your site as you publish new content, the more prominent your website will be in search results. Ensuring you have content which concerns itself with the matters of the day will also help to give your customers a useful and engaging experience upon reaching your site.

Content on your site must be well-written and explain ideas to the reader in a simple and concise manner. That isn’t to say that you can’t put forward controversial ideas, or cause debates with your content. On the contrary, the interest factor is another method by which algorithms will determine the quality of your site and ultimately its place in the SERPs. There is no good in producing low-quality articles which contain little of value but which are filled with keywords, phrases and hypertext links. Not only will this put visitors off visiting your site again, but it will alert Google and cause your website to slide down the rankings.

Having relevant and structured content will help to persuade visitors to engage with your products and to revisit your site in the future. Ultimately, the quality of your content is a major contributing factor to the conversion of your website. Your website must be relevant, structured and engaging if you wish to see your website rank highly and receive traffic which will be converted to business for your company.

However, you must also ensure that all engaging and interesting content on your website is actually being read, liked, tweeted about and engaged with on as many social media sites as possible. This is the best way of guaranteeing heightened awareness of your product or services. If a customer notices a post about your website which their friends ‘like’, their attention will be drawn to your website. There is then a chance that he will invest in the products your company offers.

Overall, having relevant and structured content is essential to build a good, reputable website which ranks highly in search ratings. However, these qualities are not enough in themselves to guarantee website conversion. You must additionally ensure that you are publicising your site through any means possible, in order to continually raise awareness of your company’s profile.

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