Great Ways To Get Article Title Ideas

The title of an article describes the content of that article. It will be used in the title tag for the web page on which the article is published. The title tag appears three times, once in the browser bar, once in any tabs and once at the top of the web page itself. With such a high exposure, getting the right keywords into your article title will help the page the article is published on to rank higher in the search results.

How to best approach designing a title for your article? The first issue to be aware of is length. Google will only display a maximum of seventy articles in a search results list. Hence, keep your title short and sweet. More importantly, think carefully about what keywords you wish to have included in your title. These will determine how easily your article can be found.

If you are using a brand name in your title, reflect carefully upon the impact of using the name, given the market you are trying to reach. If the brand is well-known amongst the audience, place it before keywords. If not, place it after the keywords. Relevance to the consumer is essential, as customers will only spend a few seconds deciding whether or not to read an article.

As Google is increasingly focusing on the user experience, it is worth considering the impact of your title. Will it strike a chord with the reader? Will it ignite their interest in the content? The more likely that your title will achieve this effect, the better your chances of driving more traffic to the webpage.

As far as the title wording itself is concerned, there are several different approaches you can take. You could try to convey both the gist of the content and why the reader should read it. For example ‘How Recent Pension Changes Will Affect You’. Alternatively, something a little more off-beat may catch the reader’s attention. For instance, a fashion-related piece about spring cleaning could be titled ‘Why I Had To Clear Out My Wardrobe to Clear Up My Life’.

Writing article titles is an art form in itself. Overall, including the right keyword and brand placing will help the article to rank highly in the search ratings. Above all, the most important point to consider is the human interest factor – ‘What’s in it for me?’ Consumers will make split-second decisions on whether to read an article or not. As such, it is up to you to use the article title to persuade them that they should go ahead and read. Best of luck!

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