Can Good Content Make Your Website More Successful?

If you are looking to improve your website’s performance, there are many steps you can take to do so. Analysing your website’s statistics, namely how many visitors you have, where they are coming from and how they behave upon reaching your site, can be invaluable in helping to increase your success rates. However, in light of the recent updates Google has made to its algorithms and the emphasis it now places on customer experience, the most useful action you can take is to ensure that the content you place on your site is of a good quality. Here we explain why this is the case.

For many years, it was acceptable practice to duplicate website copy in order to ensure that websites turned up in the search listings for related queries. At some point, however, the internet became saturated with millions of low-quality, high keyword web pages which were of little use to the customer. As a result, Google cracked down on such practices and began to rank pages which contained duplicate content lower down in the ratings. From this initiative the Google Panda was born. It is due to this change in procedure that content became a key focus in ensuring a website’s success.

Having good content is now an essential feature of a successful website. This is primarily because being exposed to quality content generally leads to a positive experience for a consumer when they visit a site. Google uses algorithms to determine the quality of a site, judging aspects such as its relevance, reliability, interest to readers and whether a user would wish to revisit the website. Including clear, unique content on a website causes Google to rank the site higher in ratings results. The higher up the search engine results a website is, the more likely it is to receive a larger amount of traffic.

Upon reaching your website, good content will ensure that traffic is converted into business (website conversion). By including relevant articles linked to your website’s aims, you are subtly influencing your visitor to choose your services or products, whilst also educating them on the topic. If your website is user-friendly and positive, customers are more likely to stay on the page longer and hopefully sign up to whatever you would like them to do, for example enter their details for your newsletter.

On balance, making sure that your website has original, interesting content will benefit your business in the long term. Not only will algorithms pick up on the quality of your pages, but you will be ensuring that once customers reach your web page they are far more likely to sign up to your services.

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