Duplicate Content – The Worries, The Myths And Finally The Truth

There seems to be an ever increasing worry circulating around the internet amongst webmasters, clients and businesses, revolving around content and other people using it. The main worry seems to be that if someone else uses your content, you will end up in trouble with Google and be penalised for this.

Well, the news is good and the worry can stop, as you will not be penalised by Google or any other search engine if someone else uses, steals or manipulates your content.

Google and most of the other high ranking engines are very clever, a lot cleverer than most webmasters and website owners give them credit for. Google has thousands of algorithms that can spot everything from dodgy tactics right the way through to how strong your site navigation is. Using all of these algorithms, it then produces your search engine ranking placements, or SERPs as they are known, which is why ranking is never about just one thing, it is about doing hundreds of things correctly.

If you write the content and publish it on your site, you have no worries. The search engine will recognise that the content was published by you and on your site and therefore any attempts to use it elsewhere will simply have no implications to you. The myth that you will get penalised is just incorrect, you will not and can not get penalised for someone else using your content.

In fact, using duplicate content is not something that will see you banned from the Internet for life for doing, it will simply mean it has less effect when it comes to ranking. Website owners and SEO consultants love unique content because it has more effect in the engines, it has more strength and this is the reason we and you would tend to avoid duplicating content, simply because it has no real benefit of doing it.

For example, you have written a new article, published it on your blog and then submitted it to article directories and some other article websites. They publish it and your article is spread around the internet. You, as the content owner and original publisher will gain the most from this article and the other sites will have a much lesser gain from it, but will probably still achieve some rankings, just nowhere near what you will achieve.

This is why many article directories demand unique content, as a simple republish of your own content will help them a little, but nowhere near what a brand new and unique article would benefit them in terms of rankings.

When it comes to content, unique is best, quality is best and unique quality is even better. But, do not worry if people do republish your content, as long as they link back to you and give you the credit for doing so. Even if they don’t, rest assured your own site will not get penalised and you will not lose your rankings to someone stealing your content. Concentrate on writing more decent content and getting it out over the internet, initially via your site and then via other article submission websites, RSS feeds, social bookmarking and all of the other means.

Your time is far better spent on writing good content than worrying about where it might end up.


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