How To Make Sure Your Content Wins You Business

In the ever-shifting world of algorithms, in a universe where the secrets to Google Panda would unlock the door to successful SEO for evermore, it is difficult to ensure that the content you publish will secure you business. Here are a few pointers to help you re-evaluate and improve the quality and effectiveness of your content.

With the launch of Google Panda, Google aimed to ensure that internet users would be guaranteed a positive experience when looking for information on the internet. As such, it is crucial that you ensure that the content on your website is relevant to what your target audience type into Google.

The content you publish must be useful when visitors view your website. If you are, for example, a landscape gardening company, your website needs to contain relevant information about what you do, as well as useful and interesting articles about landscape gardening. For example, your website might contain articles entitled how to choose the right design for your garden, tips for landscape gardeners, where to buy garden furniture and so on. All of these titles may be what people searching for a landscape gardener type in to Google.

Another way to ensure that your content wins you business is to make sure you are constantly updating your website with fresh content. With the rise of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, people are always on the lookout for the latest information. In response to this, Google launched an initiative named ‘Query Deserves Freshness’.

As a result, Google crawlers will come back and re-check your website every time you add new content. Hence fresh content will help your website climb higher in the search results and therefore bring more traffic to your site. Ensuring you place the most targeted or important keywords in your content will also contribute to your search engine ranking.

Providing a good customer experience is another sure way of ensuring your content wins you business. Asides from pleasing Panda, having interesting, readable content will instantly make your website appeal to customers and help them to think of you as a dependable supplier of goods or services. Google spiders will use a complex series of algorithms to judge your website on its trustworthiness, usefulness, likeability, and how likely a user is to return to it. The better your website rates for all of these qualities, the more likely it will rank highly in search engine results and therefore bring in new business.

In conclusion, to ensure your content wins you business it must be relevant, fresh and user-friendly. This will help your website to rank higher in the search engine results and hence bring more business to your door.

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