How To Make Sure Your Content Is Ready To Be Published

When writing content for your website, it is important to make sure that not only is it of top quality, but that it flows and has a decent structure. Writing for the web is different than when compared to other types of publications, but the principles of making sure accuracy and quality are of the highest standards still apply.

Spell Check – The most basic thing is so often over looked …. check your spelling and grammar! You have to remember that your content is a reflection on you as an author and on your business, so if it is full of typos and reads badly, this is how people will perceive you and your business. Don’t just whack the article online and quickly move onto the next one, make sure you spend the correct amount of time double checking for errors and typos before you hit the publish button.

Structure And Flow – Many people often over look the basics when it comes to writing content for a website, because they do not identify the reason they are writing. For example, if you are writing an article then it needs to have a fantastic headline, gripping intro and a good ending, but web page content needs to be concise and engage the reader immediately. Identify the reasons why you are writing the content, what it is for and then plan it accordingly.

Ask Around – Once you have checked and doubled checked your own work, why not ask your friends, family or colleagues to also check the content, just in case you have missed something. Once you have finished your article or web content, you can easily miss errors or structure problems because you have had your head in it for hours, so ask a few people just to read through the content and suggest any alterations.

Check When Live – Even though you have checked your content before you have published it on your website, it is vital to check how it all looks once it has hit the WWW. Often when you transfer content from your computer to your website, you can get formatting issues or spacing issues, so make sure you always cast a quick eye over your latest offering once it is live.

As long as you make sure that your content reads well, is free from errors and grammar issues and has a sound structure, you will be well on your way to making sure that your visitors are engaged enough to continue reading and learning from your website.

Above all, give yourself enough time to adequately write good content and then check it before going live, because it is often in the checking that you can fine tune your content to make the quality shine.


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