Why Is Content So Important Online

Since Google Panda lumbered its way into being in April 2012, Bill Gates’ old adage that ‘Content is King’ has been quoted more times than we care to remember. We examine why, in the current internet climate, this is the case.

First of all, good content tends to equal happy customers. Google is adamant that using their search engine should be a rewarding and useful experience for customers. As such, Google crawlers will now judge websites on how trustworthy, likeable and relevant they are. Provide your customers with good content and Google is far more likely to rank your page higher.

Content will drive traffic to your website, as long as it is written well. Using the appropriate keywords at the right frequency will enable spiders to pick up on the keywords and link your site to relevant search queries being entered on Google. The more appropriate keywords you include on your pages, the more search results your website will appear in. A wider exposure makes your website visible to a higher volume of traffic.

Websites containing thought-provoking and current content will encourage customers to research a subject further and to return to a site in the future. Should your content cause the reader to ask questions about your products, your website is likely to have a higher website conversion rate. Equally, quality content will help your website to become a point of reference for customers. Having useful information which a customer may wish to return to in the future will again help your site to rank higher in the SERPs.

The more content you include on your page, the more opportunities you create to link to other web pages. These could be affiliate sites or other websites which you host. Equally, if your website has good content, other people on different websites and blogs are more likely to link in to your web pages. The more inbound links a page has, the more likely it is to receive visitors. This will again raise your profile when the spiders come crawling.

So, we have seen that there are several reasons why content is important online. Good content will create a positive consumer experience. It will drive traffic to your website as you will be fulfilling Google’s criteria for a successful webpage. Interesting content will encourage visitors to buy into your product and return to your page in the future. Having relevant articles will create opportunities for people to link in to your pages or for you to link out to other pages. Content really is King, or perhaps Queen, of the net.

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