The Characteristics Of High Quality Web Content

There are thousands of pages online where you can find the phrase ‘Content is king’. However, whilst there is no shortage of people online willing to use this old cliché, there are very few who explain in any detail, what goes into creating high quality content. Any of the article writers UK content companies employ will tell you that web content is processed quite differently to printed information found in a newspaper, book or magazine, and so requires a different approach. Here, we take a look at what qualities great content should have.

When it comes to website content writing, clarity is essential; whether it’s a persuasive piece promoting a product, a blog post or the company bio, the ideas have to be communicated in such a way that the reader instantly understands them. The fact is that even the most patient person in ‘real life’ will leave a website after a few seconds, if the information they are provide with is unclear or confusing. Our attention spans online are limited, as we all know that if one site cannot give us the information we need, another site can.

Most US and UK content writers tend to opt for a conversational style, so that their content is easier to read and therefore understood more quickly. However, it’s crucial to know your target audience when deciding on a style of writing; too formal or too casual, and you may find yourself alienating the very people you want to appeal to. Given that communicating a message to certain people is, after all, the central aim of content creation, it follows that you should always write with the audience in mind.

For much the same reason that clarity is important, so too is conciseness; if you can make your point in two sentences, rather than four, then do so – your readers will appreciate it. Short, snappy paragraphs are usually best, as these are easier to comprehend.

Jargon should be avoided; most content writing services produce articles, web copy and blog posts with the aim of ensuring that almost anyone could understand it, regardless of their lack of knowledge in a particular area.  Overly long explanations and the use of words which may not be immediately understood by everyone who reads them will simply result in readers clicking away to another website. Remember that although it may take some time and effort to simplify or condense the content you are providing, the rewards – higher rankings and more satisfied readers – are worth it.

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