What Makes an Article worth Reading?

An article worth reading will be cleverly structured; it will be grammatically perfect and will flow like a regular conversation.

Of course you won’t know if any article is actually worth reading until you start reading it. However there are initial steps you can take to promote the article before eyes fall onto words. The formation and structure needs to be strategic and appealing to the eye. A mass of words with no apparent paragraphs will ultimately drive your potential reader away. By creating short and simple paragraphs the reader can scan the page easily and read a lot better without the bombardment or the squinting of the eyes.

Now a good article will open with something intriguing or just that bit different. An eyebrow raising opening will make an article worth reading, without an interesting start it is pointless continuing the writing.

A good article will indicate exactly what it will cover in a few short sentences, giving the reader exactly what they are after in five seconds. With the breakdown of paragraphs, the easy to read structure will allow the reader to scan through and perhaps find the appropriate section that they actually desire to read. An article worth reading is always user-friendly.

The content, no matter what the article is about, must do exactly what you intend and not branch off. It must be informative if you are promoting a product or simply an idea. It must also contain unique creativity for other general content articles.

The article must not contain too many, let’s say ‘big words’, if an article is to appeal to the general masses then it will more than likely be read if it doesn’t resemble a thesaurus.

An excellent article that is worth reading will also be presented by Google. The higher ranked a keyword article is, the better the article must be.

So a well written article should do exactly what you intend, it must be creative, innovative and contain cleverly placed keywords. The general display must be easy to follow and must flow in an orderly way. All content must be original, no matter how grammatically excellent the article is, if it resembles something read previously, there isn’t any point in writing it.

Something worth reading will keep you talking and will encourage you to go back to read more.


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