5 Top Tips When It Comes To Writing Good Content

Writing content is easy, writing great content is much harder because you need to make that you engage with your readers whilst at the same time offering something worth reading.  Content is the king when it comes to search engines, with Google desperate to see top notch content that is of sound quality and full of useful information.

Writing web content should be considered no different to writing offline content when it comes to quality, but if you are struggling then we take a look at a few tips that should help you along the way.

Spelling / Grammar – When you write an article, blog or press release and broadcast it to the world via the Internet, then this content is a reflection on you, so if it is full of typos and grammatical errors then this is going to make you look really bad. From your readers point of view, there is nothing worse than reading content that is littered with spelling errors or badly structured content, so make sure you write well, check and then double check to make sure that content is a good as it can be.

Know Your Audience – Your audience are the people that are going to love and follow your content or quickly reject it and move onto the next author. Therefore, it is vital you get to know your audience and make sure you know what they want and what they want to read, because this is the way that you can grow your content and your readership to make sure both continue to grow over the next few years.

Know Your Subject – If you are writing about a specific subject and you are basically guessing your way through it and trying to make the article sound thorough, then your readers are going to read straight through it. If you are writing about a niche or subject then you need to expect a large percentage of your readers and visitors to know a lot about this niche as well, so you need to concentrate on what you know rather than trying to write about everything.

Concise Yet Informative – If you can say what you need to in 300 words, rather than trying to flesh the article out to make it look big and end up with 500, then your readers will be very happy people. A common misconception is that the more words you write, the better you will do, but in fact, if you can be concise and yet still informative, you are going to have far more success with your content than just writing for the sake of writing.

Write For Your Readers – When it comes to writing online content, one of the biggest mistakes that writers often make is trying to be clever and write for the search engines. Years ago, this would of worked, but these days the engines are clever enough to figure this out and so will your readers, so try to make sure that all of your content is written for your visitors and not for the search engines.


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