Monthly Archives: March 2013

Why Making Sure Your Online Content Is Unique Is Critical

In the last few years and particularly after the launch of Google Panda in April 2011, it has become more and more essential to ensure that the content of your website is unique. It seems that for web publishers, ranking highly on web pages has become a guessing game of how to please the omnipotent Panda. Much has been made of the complex steps Google takes to rank its pages. Continue reading “Why Making Sure Your Online Content Is Unique Is Critical” »

How To Research And Write A Cracking Article

To ensure good content and in order to drive traffic to your website, writing interesting and readable articles is essential. SEO is no longer primarily a numbers game whereby keywords or meta-tags equal hits. The advent of Google Panda and various other search algorithms has seen the focus shift from quantity to quality in terms of article writing. As such, it is imperative that copywriters get it right. Continue reading “How To Research And Write A Cracking Article” »

How To Make The Time To Write Good Content

You may think that writing good content is time consuming and painstaking to do properly. Certainly, creating articles which read well and which resonate with your readers can be a though-provoking task. However, by following the steps below, you will find that the time you spend writing content will be maximised to great effect, both for you as the copywriter and for your clients.  Continue reading “How To Make The Time To Write Good Content” »